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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Better than a Month of [Evolution] Sundays

Evolution Sunday celebrations and their aftermath have been a hoot. To catch you up.
  1. Article in Elizabethton Star about upcoming Evolution Sunday.
  2. My Evolution Sunday Sermon.
  3. Harvest Baptist Responds with Creation Sunday.

And today!

Here is a letter to the editor from one of our peeps. Call it a response to the response:

I would just like to inform the pastor of Harvest Baptist Church, who has such a problem with First Presbyterian Church's "Evolution Sunday" and claims in a recent newspaper article to have gained members because of it, that I joined First Presbyterian Church last year because of Evolution Sunday. I could have just as easily joined Harvest Baptist Church, but I would never set foot in a church that requires me to deny proven facts and science in order to be a part of some exclusive club that gets an eternal reward. That attitude does nothing but foster fear and encourage destructive ignorance. And I bet that the pastor of Harvest Baptist likes science just fine when it starts his car, turns the lights and sound system on at his church, and cures him or a family member of illness. It's that same scientific method that has arrived at evolution.

Since the pastor avers that the Bible is the "literal word of God," I will assume that he has very long hair, since Leviticus 19:27 forbids him to cut it. And I'm sure that no female members of Harvest Baptist ever speak in church, since 2 Timothy 2:12 and 1 Corinthians 14:24 expressly forbid it.

I hereby say a huge thank you to Pastor John Shuck of First Presbyterian Church for giving those of us who love seeking knowledge a place to be welcomed and free to think. And I hope that the flock of Harvest Baptist and other churches that require them to adhere to such sad dogma find peace in their lives.
Thanks, Amy!

We surely are keeping natural selection in our hearts the whole year round.

Here are couple of good articles by the founder of Evolution Sunday, Michael Zimmerman.

Redefining the Creation/Evolution Controversy
2. What do the following have in common?

A. Sarah Palin's claim that health care reform will lead to "death panels."
B. The birthers' claim that President Obama was born in Kenya.
C. The constant refrain that the evolution/creation controversy is a battle between religion and science.

The simple answer is that there is overwhelming evidence demonstrating that each statement is false while proponents of each hope that the frequency and volume of repetition substitutes for truth.

Rick Santorum: Heed the Teachings of Your Church

Santorum has long been a critic of evolution.... a Catholic, Santorum should be well aware that there isn't any controversy within his church about evolution....

...So, if Rick Santorum actually believes what he says about his own religious beliefs, that "A Catholic is required to form his conscience in accordance with the church's teachings," I guess he will be changing his stance on the teaching of evolution and I can think of no better place to make a public pronouncement on the topic than to the Iowa Christian Alliance. After all, the teachings of his church are crystal clear on the issue.

To continue to attack evolution as an "ideology" being used "to indoctrinate children" would make him the worst sort of hypocrite.

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  1. The truly interesting (strange) thing about claims that Obama was born in Africa or Indonesia is that because his Mom was an American citizen, Obama is an American citizen from birth. Which means he can run for president no matter where he was born!