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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Health Care Reform!

Thanks to all you agitators, sign holders, arm twisters and decent Americans....

...Minutes ago, the House passed the health care reform bill:

It will extend health insurance coverage to 32 million people who lack it, block insurers from denying coverage to people with pre-existing health conditions or capping their lifetime claims, and cut the federal budget deficit by approximately $138 billion over a decade and $1.2 trillion over twenty years.

Democrats compared its significance to the Civil Rights Act, and the legislation that created Social Security and Medicare. Its passage comes after decades of discussing how to fix a health care system everyone acknowledges to be broken....

....The bill passed in a 219 to 212 vote, with no support from Republicans....

....Cleveland's Dennis Kucinich also took heat for reversing previously announced opposition to the bill. He said he still has reservations, but hopes its adoption will enable passage of improved health care legislation in the future and "break the gridlock in Washington on economic issues, jobs, and housing issues."

It's a start in the compassionate direction.


  1. And it would not have passed if President Obama had not promised that he would write an Executive Order that would not allow the bill to pay for abortions.

    My big question about this is was I asleep in Government classes in high school and college? I thought that Congress passes a bill and the president signs it. Then it becomes law. Where does the president get the power to say "I won't obey a portion of this bill?" And yes, I know this has been going on for years but each time I hear of it I worry about whether the president and the congress are pulling a fast one.

    Any answers on this?

  2. Whatever...

    I am just pleased that 32 million more Americans can now receive health coverage. It is a long way from universal health care but it is a start so I celebrate that today.

    As far as "abortions" are concerned, terminating pregnancy is LEGAL. As far as I (and the law) are concerned it is no one's freaking business except a woman and her doctor.

    Now the fight for universal health care not just insurance reform.

    But again, I celebrate today.

  3. John,

    I share your sentiments entirely. I had pretty much given up on hoping that we would see sucessful legislative action pertaining to health care reform. It seemed like the forces resisting it were too strong and deeply entrenched to overcome. Happily, I was wrong.

    While overly simplistic, I would like to think that what we have witnessed is a triumph of those who would say, "All for one and one for all!" over those whose credo is, "Fuck you, I got mine!"

    A happy day!

  4. And...

    "Now the fight for universal health care not just insurance reform."

    Right On!

  5. Well, Pastor Bob.
    Signing statements are a fact of Presidential power. I don't necessarily like them either, but they are ingrained in the political system.
    But look on the bright side, when it's done for what is right, it's hard to complain. It's when the pen is used for doing wrong, as we saw under George Bush, that it becomes another matter.

    It's kinda like drugs. Use and Abuse are two entirely different things. ;)


    John, glad to see that you see clearly. I too am more pleased than I thought I'd be this time last year. Some sacrifices are bugging me a bit, but that's why they call them sacrifices.
    And there are still additions to be made before this is over. That's what budget reconciliation is for.

    We have a Public Option (the non-profit in the exchange), but we need to continue to strive for a gov't run Single Payer system that will cover the remainder of the people.
    Though 30 Million more than yesterday is a major achievement and I'm really pleased that the Democratic leadership found the stones to get this done.

    Tea Baggers are bummed, I'm happy.
    All's well.

  6. It's a momentum changer and that's really important. Now Progressives have something to fight for, a belief that the Democrats can, at least occasionally, get something done for the people and not the plutocrats.


  7. What can I say folks? I am an anal retentive Presbyterian. And since most Presbyterians are already anal retentive that makes me super anal retentive.

    Which is how I got stuck be secretary for 2 presbytery committees!

  8. And by the way (sorry John) if you all want to talk about something that is less contraversial come on over to my blog and take a read of my most recent blog. Sunday we baptized 1 adult and 5 children and infants. And since we have members of the congregation who do not speak English we did the baptism service in 2 languages. And since African immigrants consider baptisms as a family affair we went from a normal 50 people in worship to 115!