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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blasphemy! He said it again!

This one's a hoot. The Presbytery of Grand Canyon has sent the following overture to the General Assembly, On Protesting the Blatant Disregard for the Sanctity of Our Lord's Name in Motion Pictures and Public Broadcasting:
The Presbytery of the Grand Canyon overtures the 219th General Assembly (2010) to protest in the strongest possible terms the blatant disregard for the sanctity of our Lord’s name in motion pictures and public broadcasting by the entertainment industry and direct the Stated Clerk of the General Assembly to send letters to officials of organizations representing the motion picture and public broadcasting industries and members of the United States Congress that express the desires of this overture.
That overture is good enough for Jehovah!



  1. I hope this overture will be expanded to cover everyone named Jesus in the spanish-speaking world.

  2. I learned more about real Christianity from that film than I ever learned in a church.

  3. Oy, and I thought the real crazies were concentrated in TEC (well "Anglican" "Church" in North America, now) and the UMC.

  4. Jesus H. Christ, who ARE these people? Gosh darn it, they sound more fundie than the Southern Baptists. Thanks for the burst of blasphemy John, I needed it!

  5. What exactly are they objecting to? My best guess is Corpus Christi.

    Maybe they should try some time in Northwest Nigeria if they want to find out what REAL opposition to Christianity is all about.

    And Alan if you REALLY want to expand the overture it should also cover everyone named Joshua too.

    When are people going to learn that making a stink about a bad (i.e. poorly made, bad script, etc.) movie only encourages people to go see it. If it's controversial people watch it.

    And John, if you really want to be offensive from MP you should show the scene where King Arthur kneels before God and God goes on a rant about how he is tired or people asking for forgiveness and kneeling to him. (For all you feminists out there I call God "him" in relation to this movie as God as depicted is a guy with a long beard.)

    But if we want to have a lot of fun at a presbytery meeting we should take the holy hand grenade with us. But count correctly now!

  6. Oh, I am so embarrassed. Grand Canyon is my home Presbytery and also the Presbytery where I served for three years while my spouse did his doctoral coursework. I cringe at this.

    Maybe they should protest that the local university mascot is the Sun Devils...?

  7. I think they were just trying to make a point. The PCUSA does go around protesting this and that. It seems silly to some. So they came up with their own silly little protest.

  8. "And Alan if you REALLY want to expand the overture it should also cover everyone named Joshua too."

    Good point.

    And Iam's pet food. *heh*

  9. Hey, John! You've been written up in the layman!


    You know you're really moving up in the world when you go from being just one lonely busybody's weird internet obsession to getting a write-up in the Layman!

    I particularly like the oh-so-subtle link between his talk of pensions and salary, and his out-loud questioning about how your Presbytery puts up with you. Real subtle there, Parkster.

    If he actually believes anything he says (as opposed to simply writing his usual trash for his own financial gain) why he doesn't file charges himself?

    What's worse, I wonder, being a "heretic" who stands for something or being a spineless coward like Williamson who stands for nothing?

    He writes, "a church that will not discipline its leaders – especially those who preach from its pulpits, counsel its people and teach its children – has shelved only reliquaries (bone boxes) of a once-lived faith." Seems to apply to himself as much as anyone he thinks he's talking about.

  10. Well, it might confirm your apostasy, but if you want me as a witness in your trial, I'll be very happy to be there.

    "Clouds of witnesses," and all that.

  11. Alan

    Great comment about Iams dog food!