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Saturday, November 11, 2006

What Color is God?

As I attempt my series on "God" I find it a daunting task! It should be. Theology is the work we cannot do yet must do. We speak of Mystery of which we cannot speak yet of which we are compelled to speak. Much of Christian theology has been dominated by white males with privilege. I count myself among that number. "God" is a symbol that functions. When we speak of God we are not engaging in speculative trivialities. We are speaking of power relationships. How we speak of God betrays how we understand power in church, society, and in the world. In the next several posts I am going to introduce authors that speak of God from different perspectives than my own. Not every perspective is covered here by any means. I will list but a few that have challenged my privilege. They include:
  • God is Woman: a view from a feminist perspective
  • God is Black: a view from an African-American perspecitive
  • God is Red: a view from a Native-American perspective
  • God is Asian: a view from an Asian-American perspective
  • God is Hispanic: a view from an Hispanic perspective
  • God is Lavendar: a view from a GLBT perspective
  • God is Green: a view from an environmental perspective
  • God is Poor: a view of from a class perspective
  • God is Process: a view from Process Theology
  • God is Jesus: a first look at incarnation
  • God is Rainbow: my personal view in attempt to speak of what I have learned
These are working titles that I may change as I progress and as I receive response from you!


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