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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Cool Congregations are Green

Here is an article that went over the wires and was published in the Johnson City Press about preaching green sermons. Here is a piece:

A movement called Cool Congregations is afoot in Tennessee, where members of different congregations meet at a community spot for a morning workshop to discuss the connection between faith and environment — and then spread the word to their houses of worship. The groups meet every few months to check in on progress.

“A lot of people are catching on with this in a big way,” said the Rev. Jim Deming, who leads the Tennessee organization. “At some point, we’re going to be overwhelmed by demand. In many ways the Southeast has been behind, but we really can’t wait. This is an immediate crisis.”

Here is the webpage for the Tennessee Interfaith Power and Light.

First Presbyterian of Elizabethton is a green congregation. And we have taken steps to improve our energy usage, to use recyclable materials, and to raise green consciousness.

My congregation is so cool that I don't even have to initiate this stuff. They come up with it!

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