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Saturday, December 01, 2007

World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day.
Here are some links:

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to see how much you know about AIDS.

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Presbyterian AIDS Network

Thanks to Monkey Muck for
this story about his brother.

A personal prayer in the midst of a church living with AIDS
There are sisters and brothers in my community that are in desperate need of healing – healing from the ravages of HIV and AIDS.
We don’t even know who
they are.
Some of them are us.
Walls of silence keep us apart.
Many are fearful
to speak the name of HIV and AIDS.

God, bring us all to a truly safe place filled with compassion and understanding.

Bring us all to this place of safety;
that the church may embody your spirit of
protection and healing.

What part do I play?
Show me the way to make a difference.

Guide my hands to hold the first hand.
Open my heart to receive the first hug.
Remind me that you have chosen me.
I can help.
God, awaken the spirit within me.

The Spirit that is mine is yours.

Your Spirit refreshes the soul with serenity.

Your Spirit embodies the heart with courage.

Your Spirit charts our right course with wisdom.

Help me break down the walls of separation within our community.
Help me build bridges of love and understanding.

Help me sweep away the debris of the isms, phobias, broken connections, and shattered hopes.

Prepare my heart to prepare your way.

Encourage me to think the first thought, to make the first sound, to speak the first word.
Help me break the silence.