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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Surprising Revelation Indeed...

This is fun! Thanks to Heather at Holy Vignettes, you can find out an author's gender with this itty bitty widget. Let's try a few.

Here is the evaluation of my latest sermon (sans quotes of others):

Genre: Formal
Female = 1963

Male = 2578

Difference = 615; 56.77%

Verdict: Weak MALE

Weak emphasis could indicate European.

Weak male? That doesn't sound very flattering. I don't know if a weak European male is an improvement. Oh well. Let's move on.

Let's check out Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

Genre: Formal
Female = 280

Male = 443

Difference = 163; 61.27%

Verdict: MALE

You betcha. The Emancipator. What a guy.

How about Christina Rossetti's
Goblin Market?

Genre: Formal
Female = 5500
Male = 2582

Difference = -2918; 31.94%

Verdict: FEMALE

So far we are three for three, although my panties are bit scrunched about that "weak male" evaluation.

What about Jesus' farewell discourse to his disciples?

Genre: Formal
Female = 3779

Male = 2518

Difference = -1261; 39.98%

Verdict: FEMALE

Holy goddess, Batman! Jesus was a woman!! Finally, we know the truth, and you read it first on Shuck and Jive (with of course the help of Heather who introduced me to the widget...)


  1. Nya, nya, nya-nya nya. It looks like my writing could beat up your writing, John! I analyzed 6 pieces I wrote for CTNC and 4 for my personal website. The CTNC pieces all scored about like this:
    Genre: Informal
    Female = 562
    Male = 1238
    Difference = 676; 68.77%
    Verdict: MALE

    Genre: Formal
    Female = 436
    Male = 818
    Difference = 382; 65.23%
    Verdict: MALE

    The personal pieces all came out WEAK mail. Not a female in the bunch.

  2. Snad--What does it all mean?

    Maybe Frankie Valli knows...
    "Talk like a man, write like a man."

  3. I've also been told I whistle like a man, and I drive like a man.

  4. Lord, now we gotta listen to the argument over whose dangling participle is bigger.

  5. I ran my post to Toby, the one he deleted in a huff, and here are the results:

    Genre: Informal
    Female = 428
    Male = 1299
    Difference = 871; 75.21%
    Verdict: MALE

    Maybe he just doesn't like men with gender neutral names.

    Then I ran Matthew's version of the sermon on the mount:

    Genre: Informal
    Female = 1304
    Male = 1960
    Difference = 656; 60.04%
    Verdict: MALE

    Genre: Formal
    Female = 2118
    Male = 1788
    Difference = -330; 45.77%
    Verdict: Weak FEMALE

    Weak emphasis could indicate European.

    I guess it depends on whether you think it was a formal or informal sermon? I like strong women, so I vote for the informal.

    But arguing over who has the biggest dangling participle is over the top. LOL.