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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Hay for Oil

Here is the solution to the oil spill. Git R Done.

All we need is a lot of hay and a really big guy in overalls to stir it around.



  1. John, Check this out:

    Watching LOCAL people in action on this is a tonic, for me, for the despair at watching from a distance.

  2. Michael,

    Thanks for that link. My apologies for making light. This is exactly what we need.

  3. I see no need to apologize, John. These fellows obviously had the right idea. It' good to see folks caring enough to try. They could be Fox News.

  4. There's already a big mama in overalls out there stirring up the oiled waters and she's mad as hell and likely not to take it much longer.

    What a fantastic, creative idea. At least the folks along the coasts can use barriers of seagrasses and other grasses even if the engineers at BP can't do anything with their cement tombs . . .