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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stop This Execution in Tennessee

Gaile Owens is scheduled to be executed in Tennessee this Fall unless the governor commutes the sentence to life in prison. I have signed an on-line petition to commute her sentence. You might be interested in doing so as well as writing a letter to the governor. Check out her story first.

Friends of Gaile
The Tennessean

Some are against this execution because they are against the death penalty.

Regardless of one's view on the death penalty, this case is exceptional. She was an abused woman. She hired a man to kill her husband. He did. She wanted to plead guilty and receive life in prison and was not allowed to do so.

This execution should not happen.

Perhaps we can stop it.

Here is how


  1. I oppose the DP because prosecutorial misconduct is an every day occurrence. If one American is wrongfully executed that's one too many. Most of those sentenced to death richly deserve to be waxed, but we cannot trust the present judicial system to be flawless in sentencing.
    In fact, we really can't expect it.

    So it's best not to have executions at all.

    From what I have read, this woman is a monster. Had she killed the abuser herself that would be a very different situation. To hire a hit shows a complete lack of appreciation for human life in general.
    She wanted the abuse to stop, but didn't want to lose the $105.000 in insurance money in the process.

    She had many options. Leave him, kill him herself in defense, police, lawyers....
    She chose to consort with scum and try to be rid of hubby, and cash in, at the same time.

    Life would be the appropriate sentence because the DP is inappropriate. But Gaile Owens is not a "victim" of anything.

  2. John, I assume one needs to be a Tennessee resident to sign the petition??

  3. @Sea I don't know but I think so.

    @captain I don't think you have to make her a saint to oppose this execution.

  4. John, thank you for posting the Blog.
    Anyone can sign the petition!
    I have signed it as well as many of my South African friends.
    @ captain... sir, i think you need to go and read some more. Have you heard of BWS? If not here is a link..

    and many more others, courtesy of Google.

    Talk is cheap, put yourself in THAT (her) position... then we talk again.

  5. Thanks for the link to the petition. I think that the death penalty is a barbaric form of punishment and needs to be ended.

    On another matter associated with Gaile's case, I do not consider BWS to justify homicide. Gaile's very deliberate planning of her husbands murder warrants a sentence of life without parole. As the wise men of my youth counseled me, "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time."