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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Celebrating Diversity at the Blue Plum

Eighty thousand folks visited the Blue Plum over the weekend according to the Johnson City Press. The Press also posted some photos.

PFLAG Tri-Cities gave away a thousand or so rainbow colored "Celebrate Diversity" stickers.

In the pic at the right (click here or click the pic to enlarge) two people are wearing them! Can you spot them?


  1. Yay! That beautiful woman with the big smile on the right is my buddy Becky, owner of Artopia! She's been a GREAT art mentor to Ben and Lukey since they were wee lads.

  2. Cool! All right, you are one for two so far...

  3. Well, I see the other one, but I just can't claim any connection. ;-D

  4. I see the event was sponsored by Blue Moon. My, my, the Eastern Tennessee area has certainly evolved since the days I used to travel with the folks to visit relatives in Johnson City, Jefferson City, and Morristown.

  5. Totally, Baywolfe! You can even buy "drinks by the glass" in Elizabethton, now. According to some, strippers at the Walmart can't be far behind.