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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Meaning of Life, Part 55

A Mystical Christian Credo

Article 1:
I believe in God the Mystery Eternal, Source and Essence of all that is; and in God the Manifest Expression, the Identity in diffusion, the Unity in Diversity, the One and All that is in one and all.

Article 2:
I believe in Nature and Humanity as manifestations and expressions of the profoundly immanent and incarnate God, whose pervasive Presence and Power are active and unfailing, though often subtle and elusive.

Article 3:
I believe in Jesus Christ, historical and mythical, metaphysical and archetypal, the perfect image of a fully realized person, complete humanity wholly and seamlessly interfused with pure divinity.

Article 4:
I believe in the Bible and all inspired scripture as fallible, finite words imperfectly conveying the Infinite Word that brings both the peace of our unity with the Absolute and the passion to spread joy, love, and peace.

Article 5:
I believe in the importance of intentional spiritual practices that may lead to the direct experience of the Spirit that sustains us, the Light that illumines us, and the Love that connects us to all persons and things.

Article 6:
I believe that our inward spirituality must be demonstrated in a radical acceptance and affirmation of the planet and all of its inhabitants, and in a burning passion to work for their wellbeing, justice, and peace.

Article 7:
I believe in the universal spiritual community of open-minded seekers and compassionate servants, whether it be manifested formal symbols, rituals, and institutions or in more informal, impromptu ways.

Article 8:
I believe in the necessity of appreciating, honoring, and learning from other humane and life-affirming religious, spiritual, philosophical, and scientific traditions, and of recognizing that none of us has a special claim to the truth.

Article 9:
I believe in continuous personal growth, psychological development, intellectual edification, and spiritual transformation; and in the right to change my mind at any point along the way.

--Paul Alan Laughlin, "A Mystical Christian Credo", When Faith Meets Reason, pp. 49-59.


  1. This is awesome. I think more resources like this are desperately needed by those of us who fine that both reason and mystery are essential dimensions of being human.

  2. oops that should be "those of us who find..." :P