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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Bolbach Elected Moderator

We have a moderator! Cynthia Bolbach won it. Because there were six candidates it took several ballots. Elder Bolbach is a fine choice.
Check out her webpage.

She was one of the two solidly pro-equality candidates:

Those in favor of the full inclusion of gays and lesbians in our life together – and I include myself in that group – believe that we fail to satisfy the Gospel imperative of inclusiveness as we continue to exclude gays and lesbians from leadership in our church.
Quote to remember her by:
I have to admit, up front, that on a personal basis I’d probably rather share a beer with Martin Luther than with John Calvin.
Congratulations, Ms. Bolbach! Party on!


  1. Major electronic voting glitches put a sour note on things, but Bruce handled it well and I think we got a good moderator out of it in the end. But I wouldn't be surprised if this vote machine issue doesn't rear its head again. The Fussies are going to use it to call foul at some point, I predict.

  2. Mick's comments were right on. Cindy was the clear leader after the first ballot but the first ballot was not a clear ballot. Bolbach ws the winner but the eletronic voting machine process was the clear loser.

    Had I been a commissioner, Cindy would have received my vote from the first ballot onward. She was the only elder out ofthe twelve candidates for Moderator and Vice Moderator.

  3. annnnnd the student assistants await with paper ballots... oh please don't make us go there.

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  5. I just got an account so I can post (I hope intelligently) on this very interesting blog. Best wishes to the new moderator and the General Assembly.

  6. Welcome all! I hope GA does get the electronics fixed.

    Yes, Cynthia was a good choice for a number of reasons. Since she is an elder not a minister, the LayMAN should be pleased.

  7. The moderator is now in a curious position. She is one of the chairs of the nFOG committee. I don't know what the rules are for moderators. Do they have to become immediately neutral on all subjects? Is she allowed to speak to the committee as an advocate for the nFOG? And if she does when the committee comes to the floor with a recommendation about the nFOG should she step down and let the vice Moderator moderate that part of the plenary?

  8. And she has recognized the problem and acted. When the issue comes before the plenary she will step down and the vice moderator will moderate that part of the meeting. Further she will not advocate for the nFOG either in plenary or in the committee.