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Thursday, July 01, 2010

New PCUSA Website! Thanks B R-C!

Just in time for the General Assembly, the PCUSA has a splashy new website. When I checked it out, who is the first guy I see? Why Will McGarvey! I have never met Will but I feel like I know him via social media. There he is giving a plug for Presbyterianism. He says:

I'm a Presbyterian because we don't check our heads at the door.
Say that again with fancy letterin' please...


Frankly, that is why I decided to return to church in my twenties. I married into the PC (U.S.A.) but I became involved because intellect and reason is central to our identity. I am always pushing for more religious and scientific literacy and less of what I call "superstition" but overall I am proud and grateful to be a part of this family of faith.

While waxing sentimental, I also want to thank our current moderator, Bruce Reyes-Chow. I don't know what involvement he has had with the new webpage, but I am certain he provided the mojo for us to improve our web presence.

Bruce has brought a number of gifts to our church. One such gift is that he is accessible.

Here is a dopey picture to prove it. (I am the dopey one).

Obviously, he is accessible through Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and whatever else. But his gift is far more significant than merely being savvy with technology. He understands communication. He knows how to connect with people. He treats all with respect. How? He takes the time. He takes the time to respond to everyone and he takes the time to listen to what folks have to say. He took his role as moderator seriously and he worked hard at it.

Thanks, Bruce.

It has been a good run!


  1. Too kind, too kind. It really has been a great experience with plenty of heartache as well as amazement about our church.

    I do want to make sure that folks know that I had pretty much nothing to do with the new website. It was in process long before I was on the scene. I am trying to find out where folks can direct there feedback. I think for the most part folks are tickled that it has finally happened and I am sure there will be tweaks in the next few months. And while I do not discount the ways that Byron and I have engaged with folks, I want to make sure that we give this website credit to where it is due.

    Thanks again for your continued voice of affirmation and challenge over the past few years.

    Peace - Bruce

  2. Hey John,

    Off topic, but I wondered if you saw this:

  3. Wow! Great piece you linked to, there Alan! I shared it on FB.

    I really miss the Minneapolis Pride Celebration. I was in the parade, in the Saturn Rainbow for several years. It was a great time! A number of churches would walk in the parade.

    Oh yeah - I'll check out (and link the church website) to the new blog, John!

  4. Hey Bruce,

    Thanks for the update on the website. Hugs and kisses to all who made it and are making it so.

    You and Byron have a made a big impact and it is appreciated!


    Awesome link. Thank you. The PCUSA could do this and needs to do this.

  5. On topic: The new website looks great. Nice layout and design. Not too busy. Easy to navigate. (Too bad it uses Flash, though.)

  6. I think that it is rather narrow, elitist, and arrogant to use the saying that Presbyterians don't check their heads at the door as, somehow, a differentiator with other denominations. It would seem to insinuate that other Christians are ignorant sheeple.

  7. The web page surprised me. It's funny how excited I am about it. It is like our denomination needs something good. Well, we have a nice web page!

  8. Yeah, anybody who disagrees with your insulated "liberal" world is a troll.

  9. @Alan I have to catch up. What is flash?

  10. Flash is one way that webpages can do interactive content and video. Unfortunately it hoses browsers, is annoyingly slow to load, and makes computers crash so hard your refrigerator will stop working. It doesn't matter if you're using your computer at the office; your fridge at home will stop working anyway. It will put a dead squirrel in your good pants and hide your car keys when you're running late for church. It will make you fall in love with a penguin. It will move your car randomly around parking lots so you can't find it. It will give you Dutch Elm disease. It has been linked to cancer in laboratory rats. It will emulate your face and stare into your neighbor's window at night. It will leave the toilet seat up. It is dangerous and terrifying to behold.

    And, it won't work on any Apple iPhone/iPad devices (and some other mobile devices) because of its aforementioned suckage.

    There are some alternatives to Flash which work better, load faster, and are unlikely to crash your computer (or your fridge.)

    Anyway, that's just my completely unbiased opinion on the matter. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to reboot my computer because the Flash content on the pcusa website is making the monitor spin around and spit pea soup.


  11. So THAT's why I had to get a new fridge!

  12. It is rather pretty. But I'll give a great big Amen! to Alan.

    And the search engine still sucks. I asked it to give me the Office of the General Assembly and it gave me news articles about the OGA. When I asked for the OGA link it gave me the same news articles. There HAS to be somewhere on the page where one can ask for a person or office at GA headquarters and get their email, web page or phone number.

  13. Hey, Bob -

    Look again at the bottom of the page in the blue. In the center there is information about the OGA, including a link to contact the OGA.

  14. Alan : )

    I'll remember to stay away from flash!

  15. John, those of us in the know (particularly us Apple fan boys) install "ClickToFlash" (google it) to rid ourselves of this computerized version of total depravity called Flash. :)

  16. Bob, I've never understood why, on webpages, the "Contact us" link is always hidden way at the bottom.

    Ok, I know why... I just don't like that the reason is "We don't really want you to contact us."

    "Contact Us!" That should be the very center of a church website. Big and bold. (But not in Flash, and in a tasteful serif font.)

    Um... Now I need to email our church's web master.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Oops! Snad you're right! It does take to a page with emails to the really important people! Should have looked before I commented. Thanks!

  19. I stand corrected AGAIN! The GAMC openly gives names and emails. So do some of the other offices. THE OGA, when you click on the "Office of the Stated Clerk" I get a description but no email. Looks like the OGA needs to catch up.

    Bruce did a great job making himself available over the last two years. I hope the OGA finds a way to make sure the new moderator will do the same, even if it means she writes it down and a secretary types it on a blog.