Shuck and Jive

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Shuck and Jive is Four

I became so wrapped up in all the festivities that I forgot a birthday.

On July 4th Shuck and Jive turned four.

Thanks for the good times!


  1. Happy Birthday! Your blog is a constant inspiration in many ways. Well written, thoughtful, and thought provoking, I hope your blog will be here for many more years.

  2. Honestly, I pretty much never agree with your posts, however you do make Presbyterian liberalism entertaining.

  3. @localmd Thank you!

    @Mrsrevmd Awesome.

    There is only one rule on this Wild Playground, every sign Hafiz has ever seen reads the same. They all say,

    'Have fun, my dear; my dear, have fun, in the Beloved's divine game, O, in the Beloved's Wonderful Game.'

    --Hafiz, The Gift (trans. Daniel Ladinsky)

  4. You're not supposed to be able to say "four" when your four. You have to say "I'm this many" and refer to the pic.

    We don't agree 100%, but we do most of the time. Especially on social issues.

    You're a good man, John Shuck. May your accusers be as damned as their sanctimonious doctrine. ;)

    Happy Birthday.

  5. I've been meaning to ask this question for several years: Is the owner of a blog entitled "Shuck and Jive" actually able to dance? I mean have the rhythm thing.

  6. @captainnkona Thank you. I appreciate your commentary over the years and for giving hell to the high and mighty!

    @Susan and John Thank you!

    @Bob I dance metaphorically.