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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dr. Patricia Williams

Dr. Patricia Williams with photos of two of her books, Where Christianity Went Wrong, When, and What You Can Do About It, and Doing Without Adam and Eve: Sociobiology and Original Sin.

Dr. Williams is a fairly recent Fellow of Westar. I thought I would introduce her to all of you as she is working on a theology for the 21st century. A book is forthcoming from Polebridge Press. Since I have been blogging about creation and a theology for the 21st century, her work will help inform us immensely!

This is from her web page:

Dr. Patricia A. Williams is a philosopher of science and a philosophical theologian who writes at the interface between science and religion. She is an editor and author. She writes books for general readers and also publishes academic articles. Her articles have appeared in journals, collections, and encyclopedias. She also speaks on science and religion at universities, in churches, and at other venues. She is a Fellow of the Westar Institute (Jesus Seminar) and editor of the Quaker journal Universalist Friends.

Dr. Williams has taught at universities in Australia, Canada, and the United States. Currently, she lives modestly in the mountains of Virginia in a solar home she built that is off grid. This means that her hobbies are cutting firewood, splitting firewood, and stacking firewood. When not engaged in such hobbies or asleep, she writes fulltime.

Brought up as an Episcopalian, Dr. Williams is now a Quaker who worships with many denominations, from Catholic to charismatic. When invited, she is happy to preach. Her sermons are biblical, learned, and brief.
She has written the following books:

  • Quakerism: A Theology for Our Time. Thesis: today's science and biblical criticism support the original Quaker theology of George Fox and Robert Barclay, whereas science and biblical criticism undermine orthodox Christianity. (This book is forthcoming).

I had a chance to meet Dr. Williams at one of the Westar meetings in Santa Rosa. She is engaging and thoughtful. Since the mountains of Virginia cannot be too far from the mountains of East Tennessee, I wonder if we might be able to coax her away from her firewood long enough to spend a day with us, preaching and sharing what she has learned? What do you think?

I have started a new list of links: Westar Fellows and Associates. If there are other Fellows or Associates who have web pages or blogs related to the topic of progressive theology, I would be honored to list them here.

Next time (Getting Wise with the Wisdom Woman: Sophia and Creation)!


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