Shuck and Jive

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Creation Spirituality Time

All right friends,

Enough pestering of my right wing friends for a while. I am off to the Creation Spirituality Conference in Asheville. Hot and Holy Cosmic Mass tonight. Hanging out with one of my favorite heretics, Matthew Fox for the weekend at Jubilee! in Asheville.


  1. Oh darn! I was hoping you would comment on Rev. Jim's attempted skewering of you and Holston Presbytery over at the LayMAN, before you left.

    Maybe he's just hurt because you didn't include a quote from him on your "What they're saying about Shuck and Jive" area.

  2. Hey --

    We've connected in the past. I was not able to make the CSC conference this year, so missed meeting you.

    Have a fab time in Asheville. Say "hello" to Matt (Fox and Henry) from Sea Raven.

  3. Blessings on you, John, as you mingle with the heretics. God loves heretics, too.