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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Only Water Pistols at Numan's

The "bring your gun to the bar" law goes into effect today in Tennessee. Yeah, bright idea. I enjoyed reading this article in today's Johnson City Press about Numan's Bar and Cafe. The owner, Dan Numan, is giving away guns today. Water pistols. It is in protest to this law. According to Numan:
"The voters aren't in favor of it, the customers don't want it, the bar owners don't want it, the police departments don't want it," he said. "There isn't anybody that wants it, but they're (the legislators) are obviously not listening to the voters or the constituents. They're obviously listening to where they're getting money from, which has to be the gun lobby."


  1. I love this! I hope Jim copies him over at the Acoustic.

    The thing that really pisses me off about this guns in bars and restaurants thing is that I had just gotten excited about the idea of going to restaurants because no one could smoke in them anymore - and then they do this!

    Which makes me wonder - will the guns be allowed to smoke?

  2. As my wife Evelyn so ably put it

    Tennessee - the State where you can't buy a bottle of wine in a supermarket, but you can still take your gun into a bar.

  3. Well, as of Friday you can take your gun into a bar - but only if it's over 21 years old.

  4. "but only if it's over 21 years old."

    LOL, ;P

    I don't own a bar, but my place is kinda close I guess.
    Regardless, I posted my sign two weeks ago.
    No firearms on the property.

    I have no problem with the Second Amendment, but I do have a problem with paranoid Republican idiots carrying guns around me.
    There's no way to tell a responsible gun owner from an idiot with a gun. So I banned them.

    Perhaps when psychological evaluations and IQ tests are required to get a permit I might lighten up.
    Until then, NETN is awash with delusional paranoiacs with guns in their belts.

    That's the problem.

  5. Well, I guess it started yesterday. Wonder when the first "Bar Patrol Shot in Fight" headline will hit.