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Monday, August 24, 2009

Do the British Hate Their Health Care?

With the rhetoric from those interested in preventing universal health care (or even a public option), one would guess that folks in the UK wish they had the American system. Not quite. It seems that our friends in the UK are actually tired of the lies spread about their National Health Service.

My friend, the Madpriest writes:

The NHS was born out of my country's war with facism. It was based on the simple logic that if EVERYBODY in the country were equally prepared to give their lives for their country when attacked then the lives EVERYBODY should be equally cared for by the country.

The wartime government promised us the NHS and in 1948 they delivered it big time.

The vast majority of people in the U.K. would fight the Second World War all over again to protect it.

Any US citizen who wants to end their life, for whatever reason, should pop over here, walk into the nearest pub and diss the NHS.
MP also reports that the good folks in Britain are signing a petition to state the facts:

and he updates its progress here, Don't Mess With the NHS.

I appreciate the help from across the pond, but we need to step up and demand universal health care.

There is a town hall meeting today in Johnson City.

Unfortunately, I have an obligation I cannot reschedule with my day job and won't be able to make that. I hereby grant all my justice-lovin' peeps to be my proxy!

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