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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Two Dot Montana

Hank Williams Jr. wears a beard because of a serious injury in 1975.

He fell over 400 feet while climbing Ajax Peak in Southwest Montana splitting his skull and crushing his face.

His recovery took two years as he had to learn to speak and sing again.

We'll give Randall Hank two songs.

If you go to Two Dot, Montana and wander in to the Two Dot Bar, you can play this song on the jukebox. I did so a few years ago. The locals are good sports about it even as they have heard it thousands of times.

I found this pic of Two Dot on Daily Montana.

Two Dot is in Central Montana near Harlowton.

Here is the tune, Two Dot Montana:

South of Missoula in western Montana is the Montana Cafe. I am not sure if this cafe is still around. It is a beautiful song, though:

I'm so glad I reached this point in my life
I finally got my priorities right
And I'm way out here on the Idaho Line
And I do my best what I left behind,
Driving to work and standing in line
We're on Highway 93 just look for the sign

Yeah we got steak and pie but the special's still peace of mind

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