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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Happy Birthday to Our Kenyan-Born President

President Barack Obama is 48 today.

Orly Taitz, the new midwife of the "birther" movement, provided the president with a birthday present by freaking out on MSNBC, calling the news media "brownshirts."

Huff post has the story:

The conventional wisdom is that August is the slowest month for news, thus it's tailor-made for the "Birther" movement -- crazies that come hand-delivered to the media in their month of need, like barrel-dwelling fish that shoot themselves.
Could be some truth to this birther thing, though.

Jesus' General has pretty good evidence that "Obama's mother was actually a reptilian alien from Slzrd Star System."

Enjoy the day Mr. President from all your friends on Planet Crazy.


  1. Can he prove that today is his birthday? Some would say "No, he can't". ;-D

  2. Today's Hawaiian lesson:

    How to say Happy Birthday in Hawaiian:

    Hauoli la hanau!

    pronounced, roughly, "how-olee lah hah-now".

    I suppose the "birthers" would say a lesson in Kiswahili would be more proper, yeah?


  3. Thanks Bonnie. You have most certainly raised the intellectual level of this blog.

    Now I can add that Hawaiian phrase to my collection which already consists of:

    1) "Book 'em Dano."

    2) And from Pee Wee Herman:

    Meka Leka Hi,
    Meka Leka Hiney Ho.
    Meka Leka Hi,
    Meka Leka Chiney Ho.

    But I still don't know what that means!

  4. As a PC(USA) minister's wife, home birthing mom and general distrust-er of Obama I don't know if this should make me happy or sad?

  5. The RRRWers are out of power and their minds are in full meltdown as a result.

  6. You distrust Obama. That's a good thing. We should have a healthy distrust of all politicians. Keep their feet to the fire. Shame them into doing justice.

    However, producing a forged birth certificate to "prove" the president wasn't born in the United States, is probably a little nutso and criminal to boot.

    If I were a Republican I probably wouldn't sign on to that movement. But, hey, feel free.

  7. I wonder how the RNC found this poor woman, and why they took her obviously necessary medications away just so they could continue the crazy talk out of one side of their mouth while refuting it out of the other side (via Ann Coulter, for Pete's sake!).

    To have her on the show was simply to prey on someone in their weakness. They should have given her a warm blanket and something calming to drink, instead.