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Monday, November 08, 2010

A Peak Shrink for Your Peak Oil Blues

I have been posting off and on about Peak Oil since I started this blog over four years ago. It was because of Peak Oil and my emotional reaction to it that I began blogging in the first place. Of course the blog has taken different directions but I often return to the reason I started putting my fears and hopes on the interwebs.

In the face of change so immense that we easily collapse into denial and inaction, how do we live? I try to work on that question from the perspective of my religious tradition. Who do I want to be? What is my role? What is my purpose? In asking those questions for myself I trust that it might help others ask them as well.

I don't know what life will be like on the other side but I do think there will be an "other side". Those who follow us will live in it. The actions we take now will help shape it. I also believe that if more people are aware of Peak Oil then we will stand a better chance of managing change than if we are blindsided by it. So I post my little midnight movies and blog entries.

I cannot say that I am prepared. I suck at growing stuff. I use too much energy. I drive too many miles. I am not like my green friends who live off the grid and make their own soap. I have a mortgage and debts. I don't even own a gun. I trust there will be other ways that I can contribute.

I worry less about my personal fate than I did four years ago. What will be will be. I will do what I will do until I cannot do it anymore. Getting an emotional handle on change may be the biggest challenge of all.

Finding others who get it is helpful. Really helpful. Like the Peak Shrink.

Meet Kathy McMahon, Psy. D., who writes the Peak Oil Blues Blog.

It is a blog about addressing the emotional issues we have in light of change.

There are sites that list the ‘facts and figures’ about the cost of fossil fuels and the number of barrels of oil left for the planet to consume. There are sites about climate change. We also hear about the volatility of the US dollar and the financial markets. The information is out there, albeit in conflicting detail.

This site is different. We don’t want to be another blog that repeats or debates those numbers. We assume Peak Oil is real. We assume that the Great Economic Troubles are here now and will be with us for a long time. Our goal is to talk about the emotional reactions to living in such a time of uncertainty.

Good stuff. Take a trip around the Peak Oil Blues Blog and visit the Peak Oil Blues Website. You will find some great articles on the Best of POB such as
  1. The Psychology of Peak Oil Awareness
  2. Husbands, Wives and Peak Oil Lives
  3. 26 Things You Can Do Right Now to Manage Your Anxiety
And many more.

It's good to have a Peak Shrink.

And here is your midnight movie that I found at Peak Shrink. It is more of a midnight trailer of a midnight movie. The movie is the eco-apocalyptic-comedy, How to Boil a Frog. Hopefully it will come to our area soon, but until then, we will just have to settle for a trailer.

From How to Boil a Frog Presents Peak Oil, Part 1--What's Peak Oil?

Here are parts

Two--Bigger Picture
Four--How It Feels

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