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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Get on the 10 A Train

We have added a resource for Amendment 10 A to our web page. This past Sunday we included the insert from Aric and Doug (it fits nicely in the bulletin) to go along with my sermon on Jesus' family values.

It is going to happen this time.

Let's check the scoreboard, shall we?

It is 9 to 4 against. However, all presbyteries that have voted have voted as they did in 2008. Of the thirteen, eleven increased their percentage of yes votes from last time. The popular vote is edging toward yes.

Speeches at presbytery are all very good. Getting folks to the meeting is what it's about. There is no excuse for missing the presbytery meeting that votes on Amendment 10 A.

This will happen.

Former stated clerk, Clifton Kirkpatrick, is in favor of Amendment 10 A.

Evangelical theologian, Mark Achtemeier, is in favor of Amendment 10 A. You should read his great argument.

It is happening, beloveds. Get on board!

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