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Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Darwinmas

'Tis the season to stir up the locals. My favorite Holy Day is Darwin's Birthday. It is such a shame that Evolution Sunday comes but once a year.

Actually, that is exactly right.
  1. Evolution is dumb. As far as I can see, there is no design behind it or consciousness guiding it. There is no It to be aware of you--and yet you are.
  2. Evolution is dangerous. A great book by Daniel Dennett is Darwin's Dangerous Idea.
Great reading for Evolution Season.


  1. I wish I had time to tackle the reading list you suggest. Happy Darwinmas!

  2. Thanks Rev J!

    It may be more accurate that evolution is blind and dangerous as opposed to dumb and dangerous.

    But I don't think that is what the good folks at the Temple Baptist Church in Rogersville had in mind.

  3. Wait! Let's look at that sign again. I think what it's trying to say is...

    "Evolution is dumb." Signed by, "Dumb and Dangerous."

    It just doesn't come across that way due to how difficult it is to convey so much in so little space.

  4. Are you completely unaware that evolution leads to apostasy? Or are you suffering from the whole frog in a kettle syndrome?

    Let me ask you a direct question, "Clergy" Letter signer: Do you believe in the physical, bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ?

    Rev Tony Breeden

  5. Are you completely unaware that evolution leads to apostasy?


    Or are you suffering from the whole frog in a kettle syndrome?

    Ummm. Ribbit?

    Do you believe in the physical, bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ?


    Have a nice Darwinmas!

  6. John Shuck,

    If what your response to my comments were honest, you're ordination and office are a farce, for you are not even a Christian if you do not affirm the physical, bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ [per Romans 10:9].

    Your own evident lack of faith in core Christian beliefs is symptomatic of the link between faith in evolution and religious unbelief. Might I suggest you read Already Gone by Ken Ham & Britt Beemer? I know you have no love for Mr Ham, but unless you are prepared to arbitrarily accuse him of lying, the statistics he presents in this book should convince all but the most heretical liberal of the link between evolution and loss of faith.

    Rev Tony Breeden

  7. Well I think evolution-denial (modern world-denial) will funnel its adherents into marginal positions in society, while the world becomes run by those who have come to terms with reality -- which is kind of like evolution in action.

  8. @Tony

    Ho hum.


    That's my hope, but there is no guarantee. We have been through dark ages as well. But, yes, I do rely on the larger hope that truth prevails. I think this whole anti-science religious superstition is a good thing in that it brings awareness to the surface. People are forced to come to terms with science.

  9. the link between evolution and loss of faith

    Science has a way of undoing superstition. May the loss of "faith" continue!

  10. "Rev" Shuck,

    Your glib attitude toward the fate of men's souls is unbeffitting a true minister of the Gospel. You do realize that when I speak of loss of faith that I am in no way refering to a loss of superstitious belief. Rather I am talking about people abandoning all Christian belief and going to an eternal hell!

    If that doesn't bother you [and it should since that is your destination is you don't get saved, friend], you've no business pretending you care at all about the flock you illegitimately tend.

    For the record, I do not deny science; merely the erroneous evolutionary interpretations of some of that science. To conflate science and evolution is to commit the logical fallacy of equivocation. Would that your commitment to reason and the Cross matched your devotion to evolution and leftist political agendas! Clearly you're nothing more than a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    How can you escape the damnation of hell?

    Rev Tony Breeden

  11. I am in no way refering to a loss of superstitious belief. Rather I am talking about people abandoning all Christian belief and going to an eternal hell!

    And that's not superstition?

    Well you have been a barrel of laughs. I am pleased you commented here. It is always good to be reminded with whom we are dealing.

    You can move along now.

  12. You know, Tony, it is polite that when you do a post on someone to at least let them know?

    Ah well, carry on...

  13. It is polite but not mandatory. Nevertheless I included a link to my site in every post so that you would have the opportunity to see exactly who you were dealing with before you responded to me. Frankly, given the rather flippant tone of some of your responses, I was under the impression that you had already seen the post in question.

    You're everything I expected when I asked Dr Zimmerman a year or so ago whether any of his alleged clergy on his Clergy Letter could actually affirm basic Christian beliefs. You cannot and you are even proud of your unbelief.

    Unfortunately for Zimmerman you serve as a prime example of why his Clergy Letter is simply crap. Rather than being Christians from many different traditions, those who've signed their names appear to be liberals who've long ago abandoned Christianity in all but name. Worse still, if they cannot affirm the bodily resurrection of our Lord, they're unsaved and headed for hell... like you.

    Yet you seem completely unconcerned about your own eternal salvation.

    I pray God grants you repentance.

    Rev Tony Breeden

  14. Your god doesn't exist, my friend, nor does his hell. So I am not afraid for my "eternal salvation." I do pity you for believing outrageous fairy tales and cruel ones at that. I hope you will repent as well and stop spreading fear and ignorance.

  15. Uh, oh. Looks like the emotionally abusive nutters have come a trolling. I vote for a ban.

  16. Waitaminute!

    Are you actually stating that you don't believe that people need to be saved? That there is no heaven or hell? That Jesus died for nothing of eternal consequence?

    Why did you become a minister if not to preach the Gospel? Does the PCUSA know you have these beliefs and convictions [or lack thereof]??


  17. @Irreverence

    I second the motion and vote yes. Motion passed. Goodbye, Tony.

  18. Ahhhhh. This is an interesting time of year. It reminds me of when Grandma and Grandpa would come and visit at Christmas. I always started out happy to see them, anticipating a nice visit. Soon, though, I could predict the next words:

    "Why do you let your kids run around like little n-----s?" and "Why do I make perdy little dresses for Sandy if you let her get her little legs all bruised up playing?"

    Only with Tony, it's "You're terrible for misleading your flock!" Next would have been "Why won't someone think of the children and charge this man with heresy?!?!"

    And just like that, you can't wait for them to leave.

    Tony, if you only knew what a service John does - not only for people like us at FPCe, but for you, too! Just think what you would feel like if we were in YOUR church! We would totally f^@& up your communion.

  19. Waitaminute!

    Are you actually stating that you don't believe that people need to be saved? That there is no heaven or hell? That Jesus died for nothing of eternal consequence?

    Shocking! :)

  20. John,

    I hope you didn't ban the rev Tony Breeden. I love it that he actually exists. I mean, how can someone be a parody of themselves?

    Pure entertainment. :-)

    But on a more serious note, if you are still out there Rev Breeden, you should be more careful about exceeding your pay grade. Just as Job's friend were convicted of speaking out of turn, you too will find yourself relying or an intercessory prayer from the likes of Rev Shuck for your own salvation.

    Think about it.

  21. I'm bored with him. He has made his statements. Anyone is welcome to read his comments about me on his blog and engage him there.

  22. But then again, Jodie, if you really are disappointed, I'll welcome him back so you can have fun with him.

    So, come on back, Tony. Jodie wants to play!

  23. No, John, I think you are right to ban heretics who believe we are saved, not by grace alone, but by not believing that evolution is the best scientific theory for the origin of species diversity.

    And the fact that he thinks people are saved by listening to the "right" pastor is dumb piled upon dumb.

    Clearly he hasn't read the Bible, so any conversation would be a waste of time.


    Or to summarize this conversation, "Gadzooks! Someone on the internet posted something I disagree with! I must tell them of my disagreement! And continue trolling their blog. Because nothing changes minds like trolling!"

  24. "Why won't someone think of the children.."


  25. Gee I'm sorry I missed this gem:

    "Are you completely unaware that evolution leads to apostasy?"

    Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes... The dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!


  26. Wow, John. You got not one, but two whole posts devoted to you.

    I'm sure they feel better now they got that out of their system. I'm surprised they had time to do two posts, however, given all the heretics in the world whose blogs they have yet to troll.

  27. I hope to get one more post out of him. I figure I am at least a three blog post heretic.