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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Roe's Cheap Talk

Jennie Young had this letter published earlier in the Elizabethton Star, but since it is in today's Johnson City Press, I thought you all would like another go around. Thanks Jennie!
U.S. Rep. Phil Roe, R-1st, for everyone’s sake, should forgo the spin in his press releases.

It’s praiseworthy to want to “restore patient-centric health care,” but the problem is it’s never been there to restore, except, of course, for Medicare.

A profit-driven health care system is by its nature profit-centric and patients valued according to ability to support profitability. We know how they manage that. How many under 65 are free of anxiety about the “security” offered by for-profit insurance?

Roe is on again about: “Washington bureaucrats between patient and doctor.” He has to know who really interferes with patients and their care because they are ever-present and part of his experience as a doctor. I’ve heard him admit he has no love for that parasitic bunch, but yet, still, he puts their profit interests first. Government-run Medicare fulfills its promises quite well without evidence of Washington bureaucrats.

I’ve yet to hear Dr. Roe speak of the unsettling fact that fully one-sixth of us are without insurance, from affordability and other insurance company interference. That’s an astounding 115,000 constituents per House member. He’s yet to speak to the fact that we rank 38th worldwide for health outcomes at twice the cost, choosing instead to trumpet the “best health care in the world,” as if unaware that’s for people who can afford it and that Americans who can’t add to profitability die daily.

Roe’s party has historically blocked health care reform in the public interest, choosing instead to protect the profitability of vested interests. But Medicare passed in spite of rampant “socialism/ loss of freedom” propaganda and made us a freer and healthier nation.

The burden of profit-driven health care is too heavy, restricts our freedom to follow our dreams and allows us no refuge. Dr. Roe knows it and must stop hiding behind cheap language.

Dr. Roe may not get the message, but others will thanks to Jennie and Judy!

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  1. Liberals (and sane independents) need to start countering the lies the Republicans are telling about health care -- namely that "the American people don't want it."

    Health care is a right, not a privilege for the rich. And that's a theological point.