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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Meaning of Life, Part 65

This is a poem created by FPC Elizabethton member, Paul Daniels, for worship today:

This Little Seed and Me
Paul Daniels

It’s easy to love and appreciate a field of bloom and flower
even if you are passing by at 80 miles per hour.
The color grabs and steals away everyone’s admiration.
It creates wonder and awe in all of us with instant inspiration.
It requires no study or deep thought
for people to adore it.
All it takes is just for us to
be passing there before it.

But things that really stir my soul take
a little more attention.
I love the beauty in more simple things that barely get a mention.
Like the little speck on the ground I
discovered was a seed.
It’s only potential in this life is to become an ugly weed.
But the little seed has no less of its Creator’s holy grace.
It has its purpose and meaning in life with its own special place.
The weed it becomes may never know
why it was ever here.
The good that it does may never be
made quite perfectly clear.

It may provide food for nature’s most pleasurable little bird.
To dream of ever being something more would just be absurd.
Maybe its roots will hold the soil for
another beautiful plant.
Or maybe it will be nothing more than a bridge for a tiny ant.
It may only last and be around
for just a single season,
but I have a feeling it was put on Earth for
a very special reason.
No matter how humble and disregarded
this little seed may be,
it holds the same magic inside as the
moon, the stars, and the sea.

Though we may think there’s nothing it has that we will ever need,
remember the lesson taught on faith using a mustard seed.
Why would I stop and think of this seed and waste away all of my time?
Maybe because I look at its life and it reminds me a little of mine.
I may never do anything great that will be impressive to man,
but I am humbled and honored that I was created as part of the plan.
So while others may struggle trying to become what they think that they should be,
just keep on being ourselves, this little seed and me.

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