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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year's Resolution: End Discrimination in the PCUSA

Today is a good day to pass Amendment A.

Eighteen presbyteries will vote in January including two today, Newton (New Jersey) and Eastminster (Ohio) unless they get snowed out. When I find out the results I will let you know. Meanwhile, the MLP blog has some interesting posts including a letter Madeleine Mysko wrote to her congregation in favor of the proposal.


Resources a plenty to get this done.

The most important factor is getting folks to the meeting.

People do change their minds. I know of one person in my presbytery who had voted no in 2009 and turned around to vote yes this time. Why? He felt it was time and he had a change of heart.

The opposition is entrenched. But there are reasonable people in the middle who want to do the right thing. Let's give them the chance.


  1. "The most important factor is getting folks to the meeting."

    Absolutely. No more ties!!!