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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A Ministry of Yes

Rev. Janie Spahr is on the front page of today's LA Times. This is a great article, Hers is the Ministry of 'Yes':
The first time the Rev. Jane Adams Spahr was brought to trial by the Presbyterian Church, the prosecutor in the 1992 case likened her to an "addictive gambler," a "confirmed bank robber" and a "habitual child abuser."

The third time she was brought to trial, by the church she loves and refuses to leave, a religious tribunal found her guilty of violating the Presbyterian constitution. But then several of its members apologized to Spahr, and their decision admonished not the faithful minister but the faith itself....

....Spahr was found guilty in August and has since filed an appeal. Even if she loses and is ordered by the church to cease and desist, she says, she will still marry same-sex couples as a matter of conscience.

"The 'no' must not win," Spahr says. "Because I believe God's word is a big yes."
The yes will win in 2011.

Not only will Rev. Jane Spahr be vindicated but the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) will end its version of DADT regarding ordination by changing G-6.0106b. How will we do this? We will do this by making sure that all good folks who want equality will
  1. Know when their presbytery votes,
  2. Get the word out about it,
  3. Shuttle people to the meeting and
  4. Speak out and vote YES!
This needs to be done now. This year. 2011.

At my presbytery meeting the opposition was pitiful. They had nothing to say and simply relied on the inertia of prejudice. Someday they will be ashamed and embarrassed for themselves. On the other hand, the arguments in favor of ending discrimination were eloquent, logical, and obvious. There is no reason to continue this ignorance and injustice.

The ELCA changed.
The military is changing.
It is time for Presbyterians to wake up.

Thanks to Rev. Jane Spahr for acting on her conscience.

She is a gem.

While marriage equality in Tennessee is still in the future, we'll be happy to celebrate your holy union at your tree-huggin', equality-lovin', "ministry of YES" church in the woods.


  1. Yes, Janie is a gem!

    No, they won't be ashamed and embarrassed for themselves.

  2. Ha! I think you are right on both counts!