Shuck and Jive

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Riverside Gets the Flipper!

Thanks to Riverside Presbytery for flippin' for love. Riverside voted 58-45-2 in favor of ending Don't Ask Don't Tell. Last time around they were on the sad side of that argument.

But now, they are happy.

They flipped for justice!

They get the Flipper Award!

Also today from the CovNet mailroom:

  • Long Island continued its consistent support on a voice vote.
  • Western North Carolina, the first presbytery to switch to support in the Amendment 08-B round, registered another strong yes at 145-99.
  • Sierra Blanca, while failing to approve 10-A, 19-28, reported a respectful process and some strong testimony.
  • Huntingdon came breathtakingly close, 32-33. (oooh, so close!)
The score is now 20 to 23. We are gaining ground, beloveds. Keep flippin'.


  1. We need to net seven more for passage. Things look good so far.
    I'm back to predicting passage 91-82.