Shuck and Jive

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Donegal Flips!

Excellent news today from the voting on Amendment A. Newark, Utah, and Whitewater Valley all held on to their YESes from 08-09. Northern Plains almost got there, just missing 32-34.

The big news is Donegal Presbytery. Previously they had voted against equality 63-87, but today they voted in favor 83-80-1!
Let's give them an award!

Donegal gets the Flipper!

Four YESes and one no for today:
  • Donegal YES 83-80-1 (FLIP!)
  • Newark YES 34-21
  • Utah YES 30-25
  • Whitewater Valley YES 124-89
  • Northern Plains No 32-34
The reckoning is 71-49.

That includes 14 flips from no to YES!
Nice work everyone!
Let's keep it going!