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Monday, March 21, 2011

It Is Going to Happen, Beloveds

With only 52 presbyteries left to vote, the results will be trickling in the for the next two months. Of those 52 we need 16 more YES votes to reach 87 and remove the PC (USA) version of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

It is hard to believe we are this close after all these years of struggle for equality. This last climb will be steep, so catch your breath, then make those calls!

Here is the schedule for this week with the vote tallies from last time (2008-09).

Tuesday, March 22:

  • Carlisle (no 71-74) Need to Flip it.
  • Monmouth (yes 72-41) Hold it.
  • Philadelphia (yes 153-139) Hold it.

Thursday, March 24:

  • Baltimore (yes 106-38) Hold it.

Saturday, March 26:

  • Coastal Carolina (no 110-205) Miracle Flip.

The challenge this week will be to flip Carlisle and hold Philadelphia. We can't take Monmouth for granted either. No equality-minded person is going to want to miss this chance to be a part of history!

Here are some statistics for the voting. Check vote charts from Covenant Network, More Light Presbyterians, John McCrosky, and Kattie's Projections.

  • Total Presbytery Yes Votes on 10-A 71
  • Total Presbytery No Votes on 10-A 50
  • Presbyteries Left to Vote 52
  • Presbyteries moving from No to Yes 14
  • Presbyteries moving from Yes to No 1
Check the sidebar for resources, speeches, and links including this speech delivered by Nathan Sobers to Seattle Presbytery:
15 years ago when Madrona Church called me to be an Elder, they weren’t trying to be trailblazers by calling an openly gay man. They weren’t trying to thumb their collective noses at the Presbytery or the denomination. Madrona was simply living out the Gospel, (Read More)

The long, cold, lonely winter of discrimination is ending in the PC (USA). Here comes the sun!


  1. Every vote counts, indeed!

    Now, what will all those "NO" people do when they are denied the right to deny the rights of others to not deny the rights of people called to serve?

    OOOOOH OOOOH! Let me answer!!! I know! I know! Maybe they'll find something ELSE to fuss about!

  2. Some of us in New York City Presbytery, which will not be voting on 10-A until May, are semi-secretly hoping that we will be the Presbytery to put 10-A over the top. After all, we were the ones who stated the whole thing by asking for guidance so many years ago.

  3. I hope you learned your lesson. Easier to get forgiveness than approval! : )

    I hope you put us over the top, or if we are already there, then way over the top!