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Friday, March 04, 2011

We Need to Care (and Act)

Teachers will converge on Nashville tomorrow to voice opposition to various schemes that are making their way through the Tennessee legislature to end collective bargaining, licensing requirements, and tenure. It is all part of the Republican plan to make America dumber and meaner.

I wrote about that last week, Teachers Under Attack.

Last Saturday we held a bit of a demonstration of our own, not just for teachers but for union workers and the middle class. The action was instigated by my good friend Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein aka Steve Denton. Just a private citizen who gives a shit. We could use more folks like that.

Over 200 people came out in support of human decency. About a dozen tea partiers showed up for reasons I am not yet sure.

Check out Steve's blog for a report and photos.
Plus some more great photos!
Also a report on
A good article in the Johnson City Press.
I even preached a sermon on the event.

And I stood out there and looked like a goober for the cause.

I am thankful to all the far better looking goobers who showed up and to Steve Denton for encouraging folks to care.


  1. No thanks necessary for me. The people who deserve thanks are the ones who stood up and made themselves heard. Even the teabaggers who were on the opposite side of the issue.

  2. Not necessary but you get it anyway. : )

  3. yes. "dumber and meaner" does just about sum it up, indeed. Strength to your arm, and I don't think you looked like a goober at all!

  4. I'm so glad to finally find out who Dr. Monkey is. I've been wondering for years, ever since practically getting fired from my job because I was laughing so hard at the old TBN thread on BeliefNet. Which tells you how devoted I was to the law firms I was working for . . .

    Congratulations! Power to the People! Union YES!

  5. @Crimson Thanks!! : )

    @Sea Dr. Monkey is one to know!