Shuck and Jive

Friday, March 04, 2011

Mission Presbytery Flips!

Mission Presbytery flipped for justice today! This presbytery in the heart of Texas voted 201-194-1 to approve Amendment A improving our score to 58-44 and adding to the number of presbyteries that have flipped from no to YES.

Mission gets
The Flipper!

Thirteen presbyteries have flipped!
One went the other way.
We have twelve net flips.
We need nine to pass Amendment A.
Keep it going, beloveds!


  1. 58-44 ... so if I understand it correctly, 71 votes remain, 87 are needed to win; so the "No" side needs to win 43 of the remaining 71 (60%) to reach 87. Our statistician can tell us how likely a 60% win rate is at this stage, but you are surely correct, neither side can take anything for granted.

  2. Now 61-44 with Grace, Geneva, and Northern New England all voting YES!

  3. Ohio Valley YES 72-32-2

    Score now 62-44.

  4. It is just that a lot of presbyteries who have voted NO previously are yet to vote. These margins are very small.