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Saturday, March 05, 2011

March for Justice

The month of March is off to a good start for Amendment A! Here is this week's roundup from Tuesday March 1st through Saturday, March 5th:

Holding to YES!
Geneva 50-17-1
Grace 243-149
Northern New England 63-15
Ohio Valley 77-32-2
West Virginia 93-56
Yellowstone 25-23-2

Holding to no.
North Central Iowa 43-50

FLIP from no to YES!
Mission 201-194-1

Switching from yes to no.

Each one of the YES votes except Yellowstone increased their YES percentage. North Central Iowa improved its YES percentage as well.

The score is now 62-44 with 12 net flips.

If every presbytery yet to vote voted as they did last time, Amendment A will pass by three votes. A huge thank you to all of those who worked hard in every presbytery!

You can pour over the stats and predictions here, here, here, and here.

The real hope is that if
  • every equality-minded person gets to the meeting,
  • phone calls are made,
  • resources are shared (see sidebar),
  • folks speak from the heart,
Amendment A will pass!

Here is the schedule for this week (subject to change):
  • Tuesday, March 8: Eastminster, New Brunswick, Transylvania
  • Thursday, March 10: Abingdon
  • Saturday, March 12: Cascades, Grand Canyon, Muskingum Valley
We hope to hold Cascades, Eastminster, Grand Canyon, New Brunswick, and Transylvania.

We hope to flip Abingdon, and Muskingum Valley.


  1. Eastminster YES 46-45.

    Whoa. One vote. This could have switched the wrong way. Get out the Vote!

    Score is 64-44

  2. New Brunswick YES 88-10-3

    Score is 65-44