Shuck and Jive

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

No flip today.

But Cascades and Grand Canyon held on to their YES from last time and Muskingum Valley improved its yes/no percentage even as it voted no.

  • Cascades YES 106-39 (150-48-22 last time)
  • Grand Canyon YES 84-53 (98-93 last time)
  • Muskingum Valley No 44-58-1 (44-70-2 last time)
The reckoning so far is 67-46.

Twenty more to go!


  1. At the very least, from the numbers, no one is being convinced by the Other Side, and we're scaring some of the anti-inclusion folks away :)

  2. I serve on the Meetings and Worship Committee of Philly Presby. We are having small group discussions and a debate. My first comment was that it was all unnecessary as the amendment is going to pass. No one wanted to talk about that. It's time to move on.

  3. I am 75% certain it will pass this year (you never know until the votes are in). World events (ie. 9/11 and now this earthquake in Japan) can change priorities.

    But, if not this year, then we get to do it all again in two years. Assuming the apocalypse doesn't happen, the PC(USA) will change G-6.0106b.