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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jesus is Your Mountie

I thought you might like a preview of tomorrow's anthem at First Pres.

H/T Adiaphora.


  1. Processional: Jesus is a Friend of Mine

    Recessional: Friend of the Devil

    (Take your time walking out on that last one, even if you start out runnin.)

  2. I really needed that after the sermon we had today. He started out by saying that he assumed that most of the congregation was "evangelical", interested in spreading the Truth (I'm sure it was a big "T"). He actually went on to point out that "we" could learn from the "liberals" who are more interested in good works. I'm so proud. He said that "we" needed to be doing both, which is a step in the right direction. It was just hard on my husband who had my elbow in his side a lot and comments in his ear. This song would have been a great addition to the service. I need to go light some more incense at the temple.

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  4. All I could think was, "Oh no! Now Devo's gone all Cheesusy on us!"

  5. I remember those wide collars. The Leisure Suit. Wore one to the high school dance with those platform disco shoes.

    Snad, I think that is you on the keyboard.

  6. They day they recorded that is the day ska music died.

  7. Oh, no. Not me! I may have little talent. but I have sense enough not to wear that dress!

  8. If this was performed at my First Pres, I'd have to throw my shows at them. What a sucky band!