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Monday, December 08, 2008

Utah Takes on the Important Issues

SALT LAKE CITY (UPI) -- A Utah state lawmaker says the Legislature will be presented with a resolution asking retailers not to exclude "Merry Christmas" from their holiday greetings.

State Sen. Chris Buttars, R-West Jordan, said he decided to have the resolution drafted for presentation during the 2009 legislative session after hearing from several employees of a retail store that they were barred from saying "Merry Christmas" to customers, the Deseret Morning News reported Wednesday.

Buttars did not identify the retailer.

"We have a war on Christmas," Buttars said.

The senator referred to the United States as a Christian nation and said the majority of U.S. citizens celebrate Christmas.

The resolution, which Buttars said will be presented to the Legislature next year, would not be subject to enforcement.

Comment: I think we have a war on Winter Solstice. How many retailers have given you a Winter Solstice greeting, eh? Winter Solstice is the reason for the season.


  1. I think the fundies have a war on Advent.

  2. Yeah that's right. The war on Advent. Add that to their war on...


  3. If you ask me, the biggest war they are fighting is the one against PRIORITIES!

  4. You can't fix stupidity!

    But I do love the comment about the solstice. I had heard it as "Axial Tilt: It is THE reason for the seasons."

  5. War on priorities... yup.

    "May Your Axial Tilt Be Predictable."

  6. Ouch... this is painful to admit, but Buttars IS MY rep.... ouch, ouch, ouch....

    This is actually small potatoes compared to the usual idiocy this guy pulls.

    The Utah State Legislature cannot be explained... you have to see it for yourself.