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Friday, December 19, 2008

Pray that Warren is Wordy

**update, Jan. 20, 2009**

Rev. Warren's prayer was 489 words.

Now that I have ticked off my friends who think I am slacking on gay rights, I'll put my money where my mouth is. I challenge you to do the same. For every word in Warren's Inauguration prayer, I will give two bits to
PFLAG Tri-Cities and another two bits to the Tennessee Equality Project.

In 2001, Franklin Graham gave the invocation for Bush. It was 435 words. Here it is. My hunch is these things are supposed to be 500 words or less.

When Fred Phelps comes to town, gay rights groups raise money.

Have fun with this. Make a pledge. If you don't want to give to a gay rights group, well, Warren is on the wrong side of most everything. Give to your local science museum, or to Planned Parenthood, or to some peacenik group.

This is a great opportunity to raise awareness and promote the cause for equality. Another good idea is to make a resolution to join one of these groups and get active. We could use your help.

So there we go. It isn't up to Obama. It is up to you. It is up to me. Be the change, beloveds.


  1. A good prayer and conversation should never tick anyone off. Besides, hard to think of you as a slacker!

  2. I am not ticked off. Perhaps mystified, but not ticked off. I hold nothing against you dear John!

    We must all be the change indeed.

    Off I go to do just that.

  3. I have arrived here via the moderator of the pc(usa)'s blog. I must say that I have enjoyed "listening" to the conversation. I am currently an elder in the pc(usa) and have always been an advocate for equality on every level. This has taken on new meaning for me in the past two years as my oldest son came out first to me, then to the rest of the family and his friends at school.

    I must say that I agree with John on Rick Warren. Over much of the last two years I have felt that many of my Christian friends use the Bible and the "authority of scripture" to serve their homophobic needs. I have found myself much happier worshiping with the UCC folks in my neck of the woods. They seem to spend all their energy on inclusion and social justice.

    Thanks for listening and yes, I will pledge a dollar per word P-Flag here.

  4. Hey LocalMD,

    I am so glad that your son has you for a parent! Thanks for your pledge!

  5. Hey John, I found you through my brother Drew. You Rock!! Hope you don't mind, but I had to share your idea w/ my facebook community. Truly Awesome.


  6. Hey Lisa! Super. I will try to find you there!