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Monday, September 07, 2009

Celebrating God's Whole Family

I returned last night from a great weekend at Second Presbyterian Church in Nashville. Second knows hospitality. It was a well-organized event with fantastic meals and concern that everyone felt cared for to the smallest detail. Thanks to the Mid-Tennessee chapter of More Light Presbyterians and especially to Trice Gibbons for a great weekend.

I am not sure how many attended, maybe 130? Five from my presbytery were there including four from my congregation. PCUSA moderator, Bruce-Reyes Chow spoke and answered questions. There were a number of workshops including overture writing for the next GA, how to form a More Light chapter, and how to become a More Light congregation.

I met Rev. Jean Southard, a minister in Massachusetts who performed a marriage for two women, was taken to church court, and then won the case. She offered a workshop surrounding issues of marriage, the state, and the church.

The folks at MLP are really swell. They even asked me to do a workshop. It's not that I have done anything except be a smart ass on this blog, but I told my story of my slow and hesitant journey toward activism for LGBT people and their families. Get this. A reporter from the LayMAN was there. Of the six workshops, he attended mine. I have no idea what the heck I said. I can only hope it was juicy.

Michael Adee led the adult class on Sunday morning and a couple from a rather conservative church in San Francisco church told their story of their lesbian daughter and how they came to embrace her and become bold in speaking for full inclusion in the church.

Awesome worship. Patrick Evans brought the song out of us. Ray Bagnuolo and Janet Edwards offered a dialogue sermon Sunday morning during Second's 11 a.m. worship. We celebrated being so close on ratifying 08-B and lamented being so close on ratifying 08-B. Obviously the energy and Spirit is there for 2010.

Much, much more happened during this great event. I will link to other reports and pics as I find them and say more about it as I process it. It was so cool to meet people I had only known previously via Facebook or this blog. I have to say it made me feel good to meet people who appreciated the olde Shuck and Jive.

The theme was God's Whole Family. It truly was.


  1. "Of the six workshops, he attended mine. I have no idea what the heck I said. I can only hope it was juicy."

    I hope you had a milk and honey communion. You know how the PLC types love that stuff. ;)

    I was encouraging people to invoke Sophia whenever possible just to make some headlines in the Layman. :)

  2. LOL! I very much enjoyed meeting Brian! And congratulations, BTW, on a certain dissertation!! : )

  3. Official Scoreboard:

    MLP Conference - 1
    Layman - 0

    Which once again confirms that the blood of Jesus Christ forever trumps the kool-aid of homophobia!

  4. Ray Bagnuolo took pics and posted them here.

    Yup...there's me.

  5. John it was indeed nice to meet you. The worship team did consider a milk and honey communion, but figured we'd give the PLC enough fundraising opportunities by just being ourselves without having to try too hard. :-)

  6. Hey Brian!

    A milk and honey communion would have been fun. I am trying to figure out the logistics. Do you stick your fingers in the honey jar then dip your sticky fingers in teh milk?

  7. Gene Teselle of Witherspoon reported on the conference here.

    Also, to reports from the moderator

    and Rallies troops

  8. Oops. Previous comment correction.

    The last two reports moderator and rallies troops are from the Layman.