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Friday, September 11, 2009

More Reports from God's Whole Family Conference

More reports are now posted regarding the God's Whole Family Conference.

Here is Michael Adee from More Light Presbyterians.
Daring to Believe: Inspired to Act for GA 2010
Spiritual, Ordination and Marriage Equality

Janet Edwards from A Time to Embrace.
Radical Hospitality Incarnate

Gene TeSelle from the Witherspoon Society.
More Light Presbyterians Meet in Nashville Celebrating "God's Whole Family"

Edward Terry of the Layman:
More Light Rallies Troops for Next Assault on Ordination Standards
PCUSA Moderator: "We Can Be All Things To All People"

My post.
Celebrating God's Whole Family

Ray Bagnuolo took some great photos.

I will add more reports as I find them!


Two more from the Edward Terry of the Layman:
Moderator Answers Questions on LGBT Issues, Denomination Trends
MLP Conference Attendance Up


  1. Is it just me or are Edward Terry's articles on rather balanced and free of the "scare quotes" and other rhetorical devices that TLC typically uses when talking about 'the other side'? I was impressed and thought they were a fairly good account of who said what (although I experienced Deb Peevey's talk quite a bit less militaristically than one might gather based on her choice of readings and metaphors).

    I had hoped to talk more with Edward while he was there since it was kind of an interesting dynamic having a "reporter" at the conference. I suppose I'm wondering if this is a sign of some shift in TLC, just a personal style of this particular reporter, or is there the proverbial Other Shoe that will drop?

  2. He has just posted two more articles since I posted this. We have become so used to the mixing of reporting with editorializing over there that a balanced article is a surprise.

    Agreed on Deb Peevey's talk. The title of the article (placed by the editors) made it sound more military-like than the article as well.

    Of your three options, I tend to think this guy is a good reporter.

  3. Heh. I agree with Brian. I was quite surprised that the first Layman headline wasn't, "Apostates and Heretics Gather at Sodomite Conference." lol

    They must be losing their touch.