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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Witherspoon's Network News On-Line

The Witherspoon Society and Voices of Sophia have merged. That means a lot of paperwork. Here is the scoop:
As you are probably aware, the Witherspoon Society and Voices of Sophia are merging their efforts. However, we are still in the process of merging our treasuries, preparing a merged budget, merging membership rolls, writing a new Mission Statement, and coming up with a new name.

The Board of our new organization has decided that during this time of transition, our publication (which may also change names) will be published in digital form only. When all of these aforementioned tasks are completed we will return to publishing a “hard copy” printed newsletter.
The Witherspoon Society's Network News is on-line. A magazine for the progressive voice within the PC (U.S.A.) features the following in this issue:
  • Messages from our Co-Moderators (pp. 2-4)
  • The Editor’s Spot – facing change and being faithful to the call to do justice (5-8)
  • Meddlin’ – a sermon at the PW Churchwide Gathering, by Margaret Aymer (9-13)
  • Getting Back to the Business of Being the Church, by Johnnie Monroe, at the PHEWA gathering at the Big Tent (14-17)
  • A report from the Ghost Ranch Peace & Justice Week (18-22)
  • Announcing next year’s Ghost Ranch seminar:
July 26-August 1, 2010
Details on pp. 23-24
  • Comments on the Form of Government report (25-26)
  • More Light Presbyterians meet in Nashville, celebrating “God’s Whole Family” – a report by Gene TeSelle (27-29)
  • For the continuing debate on ordination:
  • Afterthoughts on Authority, by Eric Mount (30-34)

The October issue of the White Spire is on-line too!

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