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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Covenant Network in Cleveland

I have registered for the Covenant Network Conference, The Church We Can See from Here, November 5-7 in Cleveland.

As much as I have been involved with this organization throughout the years (my current congregation is affiliated with the Covenant Network) this is the first conference I have attended.

I am looking forward to hearing some great preaching, attending some workshops, and hanging out with my sister and brother Presbyterian peeps who are working toward a more inclusive church.

Ted Smith is a cool guy. I met him at the More Light Conference a couple years ago in Nashville. Here he is with few words about the upcoming conference:

Here is how you

Cleveland is 474 miles from Elizabethton. It will probably take 10 hours or so to make it through the West Virginia mountains including stops.

I won't take the plane. Just don't like them.

So it is probably driving (anyone want to carpool?)

Or I could
take the bus.

Riding the bus to Cleveland just sounds adventurous, doesn't it?

It is a 16 hour bus trip. I do have to be back to lead worship on November 8th especially as it is Stewardship Sunday.

I could leave at 4:30 am Saturday and miss the Saturday programming (which would be sad) and make it home around 9:30 pm.

Or I could stay in Cleveland until the 6:30 pm bus leaves Saturday and make it home at 8:40 Sunday morning, just in time to catch a shower and stumble bleary-eyed into the pulpit. "I can almost see you all from here!"

What do you think, folks? Car or bus to Cleveland?


  1. *sings* The wheels of the bus go round and round, round and round...

    And yet, I would still take a car. heh