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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm Going to Sit at the Welcome Table

I sure do love my little church. This is the liturgical string band. They provided the music this past Sunday. This is the opening hymn, I'm Going to Sit at the Welcome Table. Thanks to Snad's 12 year old nephew, Luke, who ran the camera for the first time and discovered the zoom feature!

The string band also sang Quiet Hills and Wayfarin' Stranger.


  1. He did pretty darn well for a novice, I'd say. By the end of the service he was as good as they've got on Channel 11, from what I hear!

  2. A good time was had by all. I hear the zoom button is still a little tender, though.

  3. So, your church music is now provided by hippes. I expected as much from you gosh dang it. ;o)

  4. Don't forget the forced child labor, too, Monkey!

  5. If I ever get thrown out of West Virginia by the right-wing crazies, I'll find my way to you through the Mountain Fog.

    So glad to have found Dr. Monkey again.

  6. How wonderful! We don't have a string band here in Berkeley, but then again, we're not Presbyterians, either! ;-)