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Monday, October 12, 2009

March on Washington

I am proud as punch that a couple of my peeps went to Washington D.C. over the weekend for the National Equality March. I hopefully will get some pics.

More Light Presbyterians was there and offered this report:

Today was an extraordinary experience to be part of this national call for justice and equality for LGBT people and our families along with thousands of rainbow-flag waving hope-filled Americans. It was a sacred privilege to represent More Light Presbyterians at the March, the HIV/AIDS Rally and Vigil, and the national interfaith worship service. I carried all of you in my heart today as I marched, sang, and prayed." said Michael J. Adee, Executive Director & Field Organizer.
Wish I could have been there but I am even more excited that folks in my church were there marching for justice!!

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  1. John

    Couple of comments:

    1. Love your new hair look. I've thought of growing mine out but don't have too much (very little actually) on top anymore and I don't like the David Crosby look.

    2. I wrote a comment on the march too over on my blog. Would love to have you and those who comment here come over and comment on it.