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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Update

Here is an update regarding services at FPC Elizabethton!!

Hope you are doing OK through it all. Some folks have lost power, others snowed in.

Thanks to Mike Brown, the parking lot is cleared of snow. The walks are shoveled and salted.

1) We are postponing the ceremony of carols to January 10th (making it a New Year's Ceremony).
2) No choir rehearsal Sunday morning.
3) No bell rehearsal Sunday morning.
4) YES, we will have church service at 11:00 a.m. It will be great! Carol singing. Wild surprises.
5) YES, we are having Christmas dinner Sunday night at 5:30. Also great!
6) We are going to continue with our Monday 7 pm Tidings of Comfort Service and 10 pm Christmas Eve service.

So, yes, church is on.

Here is the information about Christmas services. The only change is that we are not doing our Ceremony of Carols Sunday, but we are still having worship!!

However, if you can't get out or if you don't feel comfortable driving in the snow, then stay put, keep warm, enjoy the day!

Whether I see you in church or not...

Love ya!

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