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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Updike's Version

A couple of months ago I was browsing a used book store and picked up a paperback copy of John Updike's Roger's Version. Written in the early 80s it is about a Divinity School professor (Harvard?) who is challenged by a true believer who thinks he can prove God's existence via a computer program.

It is a great story with lots of theology (Barth and Tertullian are the professor's favorites), psychology, cultural observation, and of course, sex. The professor is a naughty boy.

Perhaps it is his naughtiness that enables him the grace to realize that the presence of God is in God's absence.

On the last day of the year of his death, I remember fondly, John Updike.


  1. John

    How many boys are NOT naughty in Updikes books?

  2. the Great Turning -
    perhaps it begins
    with each of us
    and is
    soma-deep gets past
    the head
    all the way to the gut
    our soul' ecology
    rounds the corner
    turned on the Great Lathe
    that is Spirit

    submitted by a redneck who loves having a preacher who's a heretic