Shuck and Jive

Friday, December 25, 2009

Here's To You!

Hey Friends!

Hope you are all enjoying Mithra's birthday! The god of the unconquerable sun wishes you a sunny 2010. Baby Jesus wishes you salvation and Saturn hopes you'll par-tay 'til you puke!

I'm just glad that however, whoever, and whatever you celebrate, that our paths have crossed!

Happy Holidays!


  1. Same to you in a nondenominational kind of non religious way.

  2. Ha! You didn't mention the celebration of the sun in Roman society.

    Spent the day with the kids (now 28 and 26) and a new and very nice boyfriend of girl child. Girlfriend of boy child was here for worship and dessert last night.

    Am looking forward (with a certain amount of reluctance) to Christmas with the grandkids. Would like to see (I'm old fashioned weddings and then grandkids if possible.

  3. A truly moronic post! What side is it you are again?

    I forgot.

    (And if its politially incorrct to talk about sides, well, tough! LOL!)

  4. Humm.

    Someone interested in the intersection of science and religion accusing someone else of making a moronic post? Now that IS funny.


    You've been both naughty and nice. Hope Baby Jesus left you lots of pieces of coal under your pillow case. If you squeeze them really tight, you can turn them into diamonds.

  5. Hope you had a very Merry Hogswatch!!

  6. Yep, Jodie, it IS funny!

    Like your cluttered mind!

    But I mean that in the best possible sense; its all in fun!


    But seriously, what is funny is that John likes to dish it out, but when you get down to it, he can't take it!


  7. Winston, you truly add nothing to the wonderful and thought provoking conversations that I come here to read and learn from. Happy Holidays!

  8. Thanks
    Dr.-- : )

    Pastor Bob-- enjoy your family!

    Winston-- peace be with you...

    Jodie-- both naughty and nice. I try to be dialectic.

    Alison-- awesome! Thanks!

    Don-- thanks for the good words!

  9. Geez, Winnie - if you can't be moronic during Saturnalia, when the heck CAN you be?

  10. Snad

    Saturnalia: Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Well maybe alcohol instead of the drugs (did the Romans smoke dope?) and who knows what kind of music.

    Been there, remember some of it, don't want the t-shirt.

    I hardly think that a celebration that used vomitoriums is what we really want to use as a way to celebrate today.

    Well, maybe the sex as long as it is monogamous and not done in public. Doing it in the road has never appealed to me.

    Besides, just think of the carbon footprint of distilleries! Oops, never mind, I LIKE single malt scotch. Ban the cars, keep the scotch!

  11. Well, I'm willing to lose some other brands, but McCallans has to stay! 12 year, cask strength is good and somewhat affordable. 25 year is MUCH better but $60.00 a glass or $150 (or is it $250?) per bottle is too much for a puritan like me. But it is the smoothest I have ever had. And no, I didn't pay for it. The one shot was a gift, cherished and sipped over a whole 1/2 an hour!

  12. "Ban the cars, keep the scotch!"

    - well, Bob, at least I know you have a bit of a sense of humor buried under the snow up there.