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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Go Griz!

This could be most controversial post I have made on Shuck and Jive. But conscience dictates I can do no other.

I have to cheer for the Griz today in the semi-final match-up between the Appalachian State Mountaineers and the University of Montana Grizzlies.

Since the Griz are 13-0 they get the homefield. It will be snowy with a high of 25 degrees in Missoula.

Today's Johnson City Press has the story.

Even though I am only an hour away from Boone, NC, and Appy State is obviously the choice of my neighbors, both my kids attended UM and my dad even taught there in the 50s.

Montana and Appalachian State are similar in many ways. Both are in the mountains. Both are great schools. Here is an interesting story in the Missoulian about a fan who attended both schools.

And to be fair, an article from the Winston-Salem Journal.

Regardless for which team you cheer it will be a great game! Four p.m. Eastern on ESPN!


  1. The real question is who will put what Bible verse as their eye black! You can only know who to root for by Bible verse.

  2. The Griz will have this verse on the their eye black:

    2 Kings 2:24

  3. What a nail biter. Montana won 24-17. It went down the last second, though.

    A fact I didn't know before and would have never guessed.

    Boone, North Carolina is higher in elevation than Missoula, Montana.

    Boone 3332 ft.
    Missoula 3200 ft.