Shuck and Jive

Sunday, December 20, 2009

White Christmas

Thanks to FPC Peep, Donna, for sending this great photo of our church!

This is the first time I have seen snow like this in East Tennessee.


  1. Beautiful - It looks as if it belongs on a Christmas card. Have a Blessed (and Merry) Christmas from Bailey, Miles, Cassie and me. - God Bless. j

  2. John

    What you got was minor league to what we used to see in Upstate NY. Here in Philly we had almost 2 feet. And they really don't have the equipment to do the job.

    We canceled worship. And I had a really good sermon too.

  3. That's a great photo! And yeah, this is some of the thickest snow we've had down here in a few years. I'm wondering how long it'll last and if it'll snow again before it clears up. I'm not putting any money on it tho lol.

  4. Gorgeous. We had about 30 inches on my mountain near Martinsburg, WV. I haven't seen a blizzard like that since I was a kid in Green Bay, Wisconsin in the 50s. The Unitarians packed it in and canceled Sunday, so nobody should feel guilty about missing church.

    Looks like a White Christmas for a lot of folks -- and I hope it is a peaceful and secure one . . . as only the Christ can bring, and only if we sign onto the Covenant.

    Feeling preachy, here in WV, where the roads are pretty clear.

    Happy Solstice. May we all find the way up from Winter Darkness into the Via Creativa at Imbolc/Candlemas.

  5. Considering that we're still out of power (and now water, as the pumping stations also are out of power!), I wish it HAD been a couple of feet. Somehow, that would have made the disruption somehow more worth it. It is sure pretty out in our area, with about 8 inches.

  6. Snad

    Interesting. We didn't lose any services. Except that Philly isn't set up for snow. And the snow plow folks didn't get the block at the entrance to the church driveway plowed after the state blocked us in so we couldn't have Bible study this morning.

    Still I'd rather have the plowing neglected than to lose the electricity.

  7. Bob -

    We're not really "set up" for snow here in NE TN either. We live in a rural area that has no budget for infrastructure. The only reason we have power, from what I understand, is because the TVA is renting a transformer (for almost $600 a day) to our utility. Many of the folks out in my area still use coal or wood for fuel, so a power outage isn't that tough on them. Also, I suspect they are used to not being considered a great priority.

    We moved here from Minnesota five years ago, and this is the biggest snow we've seen here. All in all, I have to say the people who have to clean up after it have done a great job, working around the clock, getting to people who need help, etc. Up in the higher elevations we have friends who got close to 20 inches and are pretty much stuck waiting for the snow to melt. Again, most of them are always prepared, with food laid by and plenty of fuel to get them through for a good while.