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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


According to Tri-Cities Dot Com, 50,000 people are still without power in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee. 50,000! Nearly a third of American Electric Power's 175,000 customers.

Originally, the main obstacle was impassable roads. From there, diagnosing all the problems. And now, with more than 1,000 problem areas, the shear size of the situation. “Every contractor that we can get a hold of…they’re bring them in just as fast as we can get everybody brought in,“ said Gilmer.

Making matters worse, trees are continuing to fall, snapping power lines like this one. “There’s no way to know when one’s going to fall just like the one that fell that took it down,“ said Gilmer.

Just when the power will return depend on where you live. Sullivan and Hawkins County should see light Monday or Tuesday. But, in places like Dickenson and Buchanan counties, some might be without power on Christmas.

The snow didn't seem like much (to a northerner like me) but a few inches here is enough to make some people look to the clouds for the return of the Son of Man. I do wonder if local politicians, city and county officials, and so forth will do what it takes to prepare for the next Snowmageddon.

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