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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FPC Elizabethton Launches New Youth Program

If you are near our mountain and are looking for a youth and children's program from a progressive perspective, have I got the place for you!

What do I mean by progressive? Well, check here for starters.
  • No threatening kids with hell.
  • No crazy superstitions.
  • Open to other faiths.
  • Open to questions and to questioning.
  • Everyone is welcome (and we mean it!)
  • Service, study, fun, and ritual.
Check us out. We are beginning a new Wednesday Gathering starting this Wednesday, August 18th!

We have been planning for this for some time.

This program is for elementary, middle school, and high school students. Nursery care will also be provided.

This Wednesday we will brainstorm and calendar events for the next six months! We will have about four events each month and over the course of the next six months we will divide our time as best as we can between service, study, fun, and ritual.

Here is the schedule for this Wednesday:
  • Pizza at 6 p.m.
  • Brainstorming at 6:30 followed by calendaring the events we choose.
Make sure you bring your personal calendars, school calendars, etc.

Be thinking of things you would like to do!

This will be a program that is open to youth and children in the community as well. So bring your friends!

Check the youth link on the
web page for more details!


  1. John you may have already looked at this given what you describe but there is a several decades old movement out of Pittsburgh called "Youth Club" and later "Logos." They always have recreation, study, worship (although this is often preparation for worship as in a youth choir) and dinner. They don't have to happen in that order but in my experience food should be almost last with a short game following.

    You probably won't want to use their materials (they are Neo-orthodox) but the pattern is great.

  2. Oh and teach the youth how to play hug tag.